This educational activity has been approved for 2.0 CEUs. (Exp. 9/2024)

Are you frustrated with professional skin care training that doesn't teach you how to customize services for each ethnicity? Do you want to understand the pigmentation process and how to address hyperpigmentation?PIGMENTATION 101 is specially designed to empower estheticians to help ALL their clients equally, regardless of ethnicity. It is your guide through the melanogenesis process and an introduction to the ingredients that address unwanted pigmentation.

Why Enroll in Pigmentation 101?

  1. You'll love our ethnicity-focused approach. We understand that different ethnicities have specific skincare concerns and requirements. PIGMENTATION 101 delves deep into the skincare needs of various ethnicities, including African, Asian, Southeast Asian, Latinx, European, and more. You'll gain insights into the unique pigmentation challenges faced by each ethnicity and learn tailored skincare strategies to address them effectively.

  2. A Comprehensive Curriculum. PIGMENTATION 101 covers a wide range of topics, from understanding ethnic skin types and common skincare issues to skin analysis techniques that help identify various skin conditions. You'll learn about ethnicity and the impact eumelanin and pheomelanin have on skin health, the best ingredients to customize your services, and how to develop personalized skincare routines that target each skin condition.

  3.  Complete a case study. Embody all that you've learned and master a multi-ethnic approach to esthetics. Upon completing the various video tutorials and workbooks, you'll start a 12-week case study. This exercise helps you gain real-world experience and develop the confidence needed to excel in your esthetics career. 

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Rather than relying on branded protocols, you’ll learn how to customize a treatment to effectively address your clients’ pigmentation concerns.

Review each lesson as you follow along with the workbook. Then, take the quiz. You must achieve a score of 80% or above to receive a certificate of completion. An official certificate will be mailed to you upon approval of your case study.

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