This educational activity has been approved for 2.0 CEUs. (Exp. 9/2024)

 Are you looking to expand your knowledge of chemical exfoliation? Are you interested in offering the same quality of service to everyone equally, regardless of ethnicity? Chemical Peel 101 will prepare you to administer safe and effective chemical peel treatments customized to suit each ethnic group.

Why Enroll in Chemical Peel 101?

  1. You'll love our ethnicity-focused approach. We understand that different ethnicities have specific skincare concerns and requirements. CHEMICAL PEEL 101 cites recommendations that help you customize a peel series for your African, Asian, Southeast Asian, Latinx, and European clients. You'll gain insights into the unique pigmentation challenges faced by each ethnicity and learn tailored skincare strategies to address them effectively.

  2.  In-Depth Knowledge: From enzymes to trichloroacetic acid, Chemical Peel 101 provides a thorough understanding of chemical exfoliation. You'll learn about different types of acids, their mechanism of action, varying strengths, and how to select the appropriate peel for specific skin concerns. You'll gain insights into skin anatomy, the reepithelialization process, contraindications, and safety protocols. Understanding the intricacies of chemical peels will enable you to deliver optimal results to all of your clients, equally.

  3.  Complete a case study. Embody all that you've learned and master a multi-ethnic approach to esthetics. Upon completing the various video tutorials and workbooks, you'll start a 12-week case study. This exercise helps you gain real-world experience and develop the confidence needed to excel in your esthetics career.

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Review each lesson as you follow along with the workbook. Then, take the quiz. You must achieve a score of 80% or above to receive a certificate of completion. An official certificate will be mailed to you upon approval of your final case study.

Rather than relying on branded protocols, learn how to customize a chemical peel series to effectively address your clients’ skin concerns. 

Don't miss this opportunity to advance your career and offer transformative chemical peel series with confidence. Enroll in CHEMICAL PEEL 101 today and unlock the potential for success in the rapidly growing field of multiethnic esthetics!