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Chemical Peel 101

Learn how to customize a peel series for each ethnicity.

In addition to reviewing theory, this course introduces students to a chemical peel philosophy as well. It emphasizes the necessary precautions, thoroughly explaining the importance of the preparation with a pre-peel and post-peel phase of treatment.

What you'll get:

Lesson 1: Mechanism of Action

Chemical peel solutions should be selected based on their mechanism of action.

Lesson 2: Reepithelialization

Reepithelialization, or wound healing, is a process every esthetician needs to understand. In this lesson, students are taught the 4-stages that are triggered by ablative procedures such as chemical exfoliation.

Lesson 3: Ethnic Consideration

There are slight differences in the skin structure and function of each ethnic group. This lesson highlights the unique characteristics that must be considered when customizing a chemical peel treatment series.

Student Workbook:

The lessons in each video training module are replicated in a downloadable workbook. Students can follow along with the video to reinforce the information they are learning.

Learning Objectives:

  •  Learn to select a chemical peel solution based on skin condition.
  • Understand the complex process of wound healing.
  • Understand how each ethnicity responds to treatment.

PLUS students get granted access to the Equitable Skincare Community where we bring fresh content from a multiethnic perspective.